Speak with local Japanese people in English! English students are eager to hear about you, your home country, and your travels.

One Coin Eikaiwa is a group comprised mainly of Japanese members (though all nationalities are welcome) that meet up after work to converse in English. People who are interested in studying English, those who don't want to lose what they learned overseas on business or exchange, etc... Our diverse participants are all happy to have a pressure-free atmosphere in which to practice.

We provide a system in which participants can speak more English - and more actively - than at any other English conversation school!


[To Participate]

Please use the contact form below, or send a message on Facebook. Be sure to check the schedule (posted below) and let us know on which date(s) you would like to participate.

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There is no fee to participate, but please bring money to buy a drink at the café.




Shijo-Karasuma:Every other Wednesday 

(please check detailed schedule for dates) 

19:00 - 20:30 



JR Horyuji:Every Sunday  

(please check detailed schedule for dates) 



We will send specific information about the venue after receiving a message and confirming participation.

- 20 years of experience working at fisher market.

- Michelin Recommended

- Akira,founder of one coin English, definitely recommends. 

- Of course they only speak Japanese. Just say "Omakase."


"I really want you guys to try Japanese meals there."- Akira




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